About United FreshPAC

What is United FreshPAC?

United FreshPAC is the United Fresh Political Action Committee. United FreshPAC is a multi-candidate, non-partisan political action committee registered with the Federal Election Commission (FEC). Under the regulations of the FEC, United FreshPAC was formed to advance the agenda of the fresh fruit and vegetable industry. As an Association, United Fresh is prohibited from using our general treasury funds to make contributions in connection with a federal election. However, we are permitted to establish a political action committee; United FreshPAC is funded solely by voluntary individual and personal contributions to support candidates.

100% of United FreshPAC funds support Members of Congress who support the fresh fruit and vegetable industry on issues important to United Fresh members.

First Step - Granting Prior Approval

Political action committees (PACs) sponsored by corporate-based trade associations, like United FreshPAC, are required by federal law to obtain a corporate member company's approval before asking eligible individuals to join or informing them about PAC-related activities. Please click here to fill out our electronic Prior Approval Form.

What are the Criteria for United FreshPAC Contributions to Candidates?

United FreshPAC funds are used solely for the purpose of contributing directly to federal candidates. United FreshPAC is bipartisan and supports candidates whose positions and decisions impact the produce industry. The following factors are taken into account when contributing to candidates:

  • The candidate’s support of issues important to United Fresh members;
  • The candidate’s voting record and past leadership on produce related issues;
  • The candidate’s committee assignment;
  • The candidate’s experience and influence in the policy-making process.